As a highly specialised investment and asset management platform, ARCIDA Advisors offers a comprehensive service:

  • Management and restructuring of real estate secured loans
  • Corporate restructuring related to real estate
  • Value-add real estate.

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proposition for Investors

proposition for banks and lenders


ARCIDA Advisors advises investors, funds and joint venture partners on secured real estate debt with restructuring potential and direct real estate investments. The ARCIDA Advisors platform supports the entire life cycle of an investment from initial acquisition to exit. The many years of experience within our management team and focused investment strategy on real estate, with potential for value appreciation, provide our customers with optimal advice, tailored response and transaction security: 


Our investors benefit from:


A clear investment focus

ARCIDA Advisors enables investors to make attractive equity investments with a clear focus.

High & focussed management attention

Trust, discretion, reliability and attention to detail are the top priorities for ARCIDA Advisors in a transaction. Therefore, the managing partners are involved during a transaction process,each according to their responsibilities.

Comprehensive services

ARCIDA Advisors offers extensive services to optimise investments. These include:

  • Deal sourcing
  • Loan & Real Estate Asset Management
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Property valuation
  • Underwriting

Banks and lenders

For banks and lenders, ARCIDA Advisors acts as a trustworthy problem solver and workout specialist. We see ourselves as partners on an equal footing and are interested in long-term co-operation.

Our partners benefit from:


Absolute discretion

We know the market for problematic and secured real estate loans with restructuring potential and appreciate just how relevant discretion is. We always work confidentially and in a solution-driven manner.

High transaction security

Our in-depth expertise enables us to carry out complex transactions quickly and efficiently in terms of time and commercials.

Clear ethical standards

ARCIDA Advisors is looking for win-win solutions for all stakeholders. We conserve resources and maintain business models wherever we see potential. We see the basic requirement for success and long-term business relationships as integrity and reliability.