ARCIDA Advisors is an owner-managed company. The shareholders are also managing partners.

Our Philosophy

Impaired real estate projects with upside potential offer financial opportunities combined with return potential that could be unleashed. Real estate secured loans with upside and restructuring potential represent a waste of scarce resources of the lending partners, which impact their core activities. These situations do, however, offer opportunities for all parties involved: through our expertise, we provide an alternative focus and identify potential within the real estate projects creating a win-win situation for all parties. We create attractive direct and indirect investment opportunities for investors and discreetly support banks with their loan workouts and free up resources on the part of borrowers.

Managing Partners

The ARCIDA Advisors senior management team collectively has extensive expertise in real estate, capital markets and debt restructuring in the largest European markets and jurisdictions. All transactions are personally supervised by our managing partners. The team brings together specialists with unique competency profiles from different disciplines complementary to one other. On average, the partners within the management team each have more than 15 years’ practical experience in the European NPL & SPL and real estate markets.

Michel Anter
Jan Düdden
Oliver Platt
Andre Barth
Renaud Linclau


Environmental, Social, Governance, ESG for short, is an integral part of ARCIDA Advisor’s business strategy. We are convinced that every individual contributes to improving the environment and society with his or her actions. We are committed to the “Principles for Responsible Investment”, a voluntary commitment by the United Nations to include sustainability factors in investment decisions.


ESG considerations flow into all of our business activities.


ARCIDA Advisors advises its clients on indirect and direct real estate investments with medium to long-term potential. We seek to preserve resources, adapt business models to sustainable practices, as well as seek to retain jobs. As a specialist in complex real estate-related restructuring, we are alive to the interests of all stakeholders. We work actively on win-win solutions and find a balance between different interests where necessary. We consider comprehensive reporting to be a pre-requisite.


We bring our real estate, capital market and restructuring know-how to all our transactions seeking to ensure that real estate assets are future proof as well as sustainable. In doing so, we pay close attention to improving the environmental balance, a resilient tenant structure and forward-looking operational management. When implementing projects, we involve local service providers wherever possible to strengthen the regional economic structure.


When we sell projects, we not only create attractive, risk-adjusted returns for our investors. We bring a more sustainable and resilient product to market.